Tuesday, March 02, 2010


MUK-LUKS So here's the deal. I ordered these, and they are not my size. If I were to pay to ship them back, my refund wouldn't even cover my shipping, sooooooo, I decided to let my impulse buy, be your gain.

They have never been worn, still have tags, are size X-large (I wear a behemoth size 9.5 woman's shoe and they are too big--though would be great if I wore big woolly socks too, which would probably cause my feet to get that sweaty, shriveled, wrinkly feeling that DRIVES ME CRAZY!)

These are unisex, so guys or girls can wear them. Let me tell you, they are very very warm.They are green fleece/flannel lined and you can roll down the top for a cuff. Very stylish chickies. They are also machine washable.

So what do you have to do to to win these?

I will tell you.

You have to tell me about the worst date you ever had. It doesn't have to be with your spouse, it could be the date your mother made you go on with your cousin, or the blind date you were set up on, and the date actually was blind and nobody told you. Anyhoo.....when all the stories are in, I will give it about 10 days (because some of you are slackers and don't keep up with blog reading) and the winner will be chosen by a panel of dating experts, who were chosen by the proprietor of this blog.

(Remember, if you win, you will have to be willing to cough up your snail mail address so these can be sent. If you really want to keep it a secret, get a friend to let you use their address.....I promise no flaming bags of poo will arrive on the doorstep. Pinky swear.)

So call your friends, and tell them to enter too. If they win, it's totally your fault for telling them to enter.

On your mark, get set, GO.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you my worst date story, but you can keep the boots, okay? I may be Canadian but I don't wear mukluks.

Tina said...

OMG I HAVE to have them!! HELLO! Canadian! Live in the North! AND I have a totally wicked ass story. Although I have to ask, were you trying to be more like me when you ordered them?? Honestly you should have just bought a Canon. Those are one size fits all. :)

Comedy Writer Jerry Perisho said...

I want to be on the panel of experts who judges all of the entries. Judges can be swayed if photos are included with the entry!

Anonymous said...

I finally agreed to go out with this guy, against my better judgment but he was very persistent. I accepted his invitation for dinner. Then he was 2 hour late. I called him to suggest that perhaps if he was so busy we could do it another time, but he eventually showed up. Needless to say, since I had been expecting dinner I hadn't eaten yet, so I was famished. We finally get downtown to this really nice place on the top floor of a highrise building. Great view of the city. He orders tea, no food. I order a drink. He proceeds to grill me all night long about how I would make a great matriarch and start a family with him. He asked me question after question as if were interviewing me. He actually called me a bitch and thought it was a compliment. Finally, the night ended and as he leaned over to kiss me, I jumped out of his car, slammed the door and went into my building. I had a throbbing headache. HE CALLED ME THE NEXT NIGHT AND TOLD ME HE WANTED TO GO OUT AGAIN. I told him no, and then I spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to explain to this guy that it was the worst date of my life and that he was obnoxious and that's why I didn't want to see him again.

Tina said...

Ok here's my story.

My husband and I first started dating in November. His Christmas staff party was the middle of December and it was at a hotel banquet room. We booked a room in the hotel for the night because we were planning on drinking, and I was quite a floosy back then and wanted to.. well, you know. :)

I went out (as I was much skinnier then) and bought all new pretty undies and a sexy nighty to wear. I was soo excited about this, but kept this from him as I wanted it to be a "surprise".

The day of the party arrived, and so did Aunt Flo! I was freakin' moritifed. We went to the dinner and the dance, and then headed back to the room. I was struggling to find a way to tell him that my period had started and hoping he didn't think I was backing out of our little love romp. Well, we were fooling around on the bed when I stopped him and said "I have something to tell you". He froze. His face dropped. And he looked at me and said the words I'll never forget.

"Are you gay?"

I nearly fell off the bed laughing. I explained, through tears of laugher while holding my sides, that my period had started and I was embarrased to tell him. When I asked him why he thought I was gay, he said "Well, I thought it was too perfect that you're dating me".

We'll be married 12 years this August.

Unknown Mami said...

I was in college taking a ballroom dance class and we were assigned to see a dance performance. My dance partner, just some random guy in class asked if I wanted to go see a tango show with him. I said, "Sure". I had a boyfriend at the time, my dance partner was aware of that, not that I thought it mattered. We went to the show and each paid for our individual tickets. I was happy to be there. We sat down and my seat was right next to the wall so I was sandwiched right between the wall and my dance partner. Right as the show is starting, my dance partner leans toward me and whispers, "This is great! I'm so excited!" I said, "Me too!" Then he says, "It's been so long since I've been on a date and I've been looking forward to this all week." WTF!!! I was on a date? No one told me it was a date. I could not enjoy the show after that and he kept leaning in and saying things like, "Tango is so sexy." Good grief. When the show was over he wanted to take me out for drinks and I told him I had to go home because I was meeting my BOYFRIEND! He drove me home and leaned in for a kiss, I gave him my cheek. I ditched class for a week after that and when I came back he had switched partners.

Ina in Alaska said...

If they fit me I would give you a bad date story but they don't (waaaaaaa....) I think they are really nice!!!

Your comment on my blog about meeting Kit is totally true. I have also met Preppy in person and we clicked right away as well. From reading each others blogs you really DO get to know a person so you can cut out all the initial getting to know you chit chat. Hope all is well for you! xoxo

tz said...

So I hope I'm not too late! Right size and everything. There are some pretty good stories posted here....All my dates with my husband were good and frankly since we met in highschool I don't have a lot of material to go on...but I did date this Exchange student for awhile...we were 'making' out and he says to me, 'you know you wouldn't starve in the winter' hmmmmm, I just figured in Norway that might be a compliment? So we chatted some, made out some more and then he says, 'you'd also stay warm'....umm, yeah, that's what every teenage girl wants to hear while she's making out with someone...that she's fat, but it's a good thing because she'll stay warm and won't starve...so I told him that American girls aren't too keen on hearing those things...he looked perplexed, I went home and met my wonderful hubby a couple days later :D....

have fun picking out your fave story, this was fun!

Athena said...

Slackers? Who you calling slackers? I resemble that remark.

Love the muklucks, but they are too big for me - despite the fact that my feet grew exponentially with each child that I bore.

Trying to think of a bad date story anyway, but my life is/was too boring to even have a good one! That plus my memory hard drive has apparently decided to delete those events to make room for fun stuff such as, Does #3 daughter hate green beans? Or is that #2 daughter?