Friday, July 04, 2008

NYC readers-Dr. Deb, EVI-and any others

Hey gang...I am making plans to be in NYC for a longish weekend from 9-11 through 9-14 for the memorial activities...I need advice. I want to see a play, get into the VIEW for a taping on the 12th, eat great "local" food, no tourist traps or chain restaurants, great shopping (maybe chin*atown--love the bags. I am sort of known in my circle as a bag whore) and we are staying at the New*Yorker hotel on 8th ave. So...suggestions are welcome. AND...if you want to meet me for a quick breakfast, I'm buying :) (I would love to meet you blog ladies). We have gone to NYC several times for the memorial activities since the attacks. As I mentioned before, BigD is in "law enforcement" and has some ny*pd friends and he is very active in memorial society things so we go as often as we can afford. This year, we can't afford it but are going anyway-HA!I have determined that I will be fully nuts (instead of only half nuts) if I don't plan a get away. NYC is an amazing place. If I were young, very rich and single, I would live there. Since I am none of these, I just visit. My only concern is that there is another couple that may be joining us and I am not real fond of the lady half of the couple. She isn't a bad person we just have NOTHING in common. She is 14 years younger than me, she parties A LOT, likes to only wear 1/2 of her clothes and adores attention. Now take those things away and you have me. It will be interesting. I know I will be in the minority when I say I want to chill and wander the city taking it all in, instead of hanging out in every irish pub we see. I don't mind a few along the way but I have no intention of spending my entire trip comparing beer bottles. So, I need anyone from NYC or that has traveled there enough to know, to tell me the places to go. (We will be at Battery Park on Friday afternoon for the memorial parade and Saturday night at Town Hall on W43rd for the concert but other than that, I am open for suggestions).


tz said...

no advice, haven't been there since I was a teen..

I just want to say, how great that you guys do go and stand by your husbands fellow officers and remember!

good for you!

Deb said...

Getting to see "The View" may be hard as you usually need tix ahead of time. You can try to do a SRO and stand online, but it can be so taxing and tiring.

As for seeing a bway show, I'd see any of the great musicals out there now. Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia, Passing Strange. You can go to TKTS on the day you want to see a show and get discount tix:

Great restaurants to go in Theatre District:

Vice Versa (My favorite)

Joe Allens:

And in the village is The Knickerbocker Bar and Grill. If you go, get the chocolate souffle. OMG it's delish!

I don't get into China town these days, so I can't recommmend any places to shop or eat.

Another fun thing to do is to just window shop down fifth avenue. Seeing the shops with all their gems jewels and expensive things makes for fun conversation.

I won't be around that weekend, but if my plans change I'd definitely come and meet you.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Sitting in Silence said...

I want to comeeeeeeeeeeee !

Does that sound like whinning !...

Oh you lucky lucky lucky duck !

I am soooooooooooooo jealous...

Have a wonderful time and dont forget to pack your camera...xoxox