Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One Mother busted

I just found out that one of my favorite blogs has had to shut down because the blogger was busted by one of her kids. Damn kids, they ruin everything. I only hope that this blogger knows she still has many of us out here that can relate to her horrible past year and will still be wondering how she is doing. My kids don't know I blog...they know I read them but not that I have one. I am not sure how they would react...actually they would probably not care too much and if anything, would call me dumb or stupid and would NEVER understand why I need to vent here. They just aren't that deep. Remember these are guys that have no clue why women love flowers, cry at love stories, keep drawings from when the kids were in kindergarten or anything remotely sentimental. I am doing my damned best to raise these males with some sort of sensitivity but it is much like a salmon swimming up stream..by the time I get there I will die.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I get sad when blogpals leave the blogosphere too. I hope you continue to blog. It is such a great way to vent and express oneself.

Demeter said...

I love the dog pics they are fabulous!
Not everybody appreciates people who write. I prefer to write than to talk. I have a fellow blogger who stopped blogging and I had become so close to her, it is a very special world, one where you share more than you would sometimes with real life friends. Don't stop blogging.

Michelle said...

Thank for stopping by my blog the other day...and for sharing your story about your niece and nephew and the scissors!