Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need your help

Promise you won't laugh.

I have been asked to write a relationship and advice column for a local paper.


What I need....are questions. Lots of questions. Ask away. You can leave them here in the comment section and I will compile them for my column and when it is first published, I will put a link here for you. The editor is giving me free reign and I get paid on the amount of readership I have. You may remain anonymous.....or make up a fake doesn't matter.

I just need as many questions as possible. (they actually don't HAVE to be about relationships...part of the deal was that I would give advice about anything)

Go ahead. You know you want to know what to do about your annoying Aunt Mildred, or your pain in the ass mother-in-law or nosy neighbor. (nope, this isn't the big new business I have been hinting about.....more on that one later)


edenland said...
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edenland said...

Hon that is WAY COOL!!! Good on you. I have a question - a real, serious one that I need help with. *Ahem*

Dear OHN,

How can I get organised? I have two young children, a teenager, and a very busy husband. I work from home, and just find the day-to-day chores mounting up on me all the time. Help! Is there a special magic trick?

- Eden

Raquel's World said...

That would be my dream job. I suck at life sometimes but am very good at giving good sound advice. Congrats!

Unknown Mami said...

Can you please tell me how to make an non-toxic, cleaner using tea tree oil? I could probably look it up myself, but I'd be grateful if you just did it for me.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Hummmm how do I tell my in laws they suck in a nice way?

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

*that* is exciting! good for you!! and as for questions? hmm-- bullying is timely, healthy food, bedtime drama, boyfriend/ girlfriend stuff for the teen set? good luck! how fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I gotta good one!

Dear OHN:

By brother in law is gay and he recently got married. He called us the day before and no one from the family attended the event. His family disapproves because he's only known the guy for 6 months and he's a recent immigrant to the country. I understand why both sides are hurt and angry, but I just want everyone to make up. Should I send a wedding gift?

PS. Years ago, he gave us a crappy toaster.


Why can't we all get along?

Anonymous said...

Okay here's another one!

Dear OHN:

My husband spends a great deal of his time with our infant son on the weekends so I can get some time to do other things. The problem is that while he takes awesome care of him, he doesn't clean up as he goes along, so I come home to dirty bottles in the sink, toys everywhere, laundry not done, etc. and I have even more work to do come Monday morning! Should I say something or should I just keep my mouth shut?


Ungrateful Beotch

Guera! said...

That is sooo cool!! Here's my question:
How does one get a really cool job writing an advice column for a local paper?
Here's another one:
When a man opens a refrigerator looking for something why does he not see it even though it's right in front of his eyes? And on that note why does he have an aversion to moving stuff around in the fridge in order to find something?
Good luck!

Gaston Studio said...

Congrats OHN!

A question for you to ponder:

Dear OHN:

One of my brother's is not communicating with me and I honestly don't know why. I've tried emailing and phoning but never get a response. What's my next step?

Really miss him.

tz said...

oh how awesome for you!, I do like the organizing question...I bet that could be a collection of articles, all of which I would read!

here's my question...I want to find a new job where the schedule is better for the family, but that would mean quite a bit of a pay cut which we can actually afford, but I do like my job, but do want to spend better time with the family and make more games etc. I also feel like I owe my current company some allegiance because they hired me as a new grad when others wouldn't. I, like many women who work and have a family feel torn. What to do?