Thursday, November 20, 2008


In one hour we will leave the warm cozy confines of our home and haul our butts over to see Uber Super Doc once again. So for the most part of the day I will be a car, in a waiting room, in another waiting room, and in the car. The whole process will take about 12 hours then we will come home and fall into our bed. Anybody want to come over around 6 and turn on our electric blanket for us so it will be toasty warm when we get home? Damn, that would be a great trick to teach the dogs! BigD will be having yet another PET scan to compare the size of his lung booger to the last time we saw it. God, I hope it doesn't wave. I am saying it here first....I am betting that uber super doc will want to whack out 1/3 of the lung. I have tried to tell BigD that this man is a s.u.r.g.e.o.n and that is what they do. That is how he keeps his wife in Dolce and his kids in private school...surgeons cut. Thankfully they do or many of us would be screwed. BUT, BigD has to keep in mind that another opinion prior to the sound of the saw cutting through his chest would be a good idea. I love doctors...I really do. Some of the funniest people I hang with are doctors but lets face ANY career....not everyone can be tops in their class. Hmmmmm. I sure as hell hope that this guy was hovering somewhere in the top half at least. So off we go for another day of vending machine food and good times. I'll be back.


Tina said...

Here's hoping the vending machines are full and the coffee is relatively fresh. I'll be checking in later tonight to see what happened.

Jerry said...

Take along a list of questions and take notes of the doctor's answers. Even consider recording the conversation on an audio recorder. DEMAND to know what the surgeon would do if his own family member was the patient.

A second opinion, and perhaps a third, is a must unless this is a situation that requires immediate action.

If surgery is likely, help get BigD until the best physical condition possible. Burn some calories, strengthen some muscles, build lung capacity. This will help with recovery.

You're in my prayers.


Jade said...

Best of luck to you and Big D at your appointment.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Just found your blog-and thank you for visiting mine!

I hope at the very least that you will be able to get incredible insight into the whole Jen-Angie-Brad thing. Hopefully you will have the time to study up on it. The survival of earth as we know it depends upon it....but no pressure.

Sending you good thoughts and wishes.

beagle said...

You'll be on my mind.

Pamela Jeanne said...

What a hellacious day...trying to think of something that will help make it feel less awful. Short of time traveling to somewhere else, I'm a loss. Sending you good thoughts.