Sunday, January 27, 2008

Follow up and lifes necessities

Well....I guess I should stay away from my keyboard when I am upset, my fingers pound out profanities when I am not looking. I re-read my post from yesterday and while I am still in shock I have so many things to be thankful for and I can't forget that. Strangely enough, BigD thinks that I am taking this situation too personally. I can't help it. I feel like I am being kicked to the curb but nobody has bothered to tell me...when they will, is yet to be seen. From a business standpoint, if I were their office manager I would have switched to EMR before now. Economically it does make sense. I just don't like the way it "isn't" being handled. I told the boys we are going to have to really watch our spending and they were all great and understanding. It's a little funny...they all think this is no big deal. Maybe I AM over-reacting but when I am worried about making the house payments, gas, electric, food, college tuition and books and the gazillion miscellaneous things that life throws at you, I don't think I am over reacting.

On the plus side, I have been blessed to be able to work from home the entire time the boys were growing up. I was here when they walked out the door in the morning and when they got off the bus. It will be a big change if I have to take on a 9-5 along with the other offices I still have and it will mean less time here but I don't dare complain...I have been too fortunate.

So anyway...S1 came home from college this weekend. He is building a computer for a local business man and had to talk to him about specs. When he walked in he asked if he could get some new shoes while he was home so I did what any self respecting American who is about to undergo a catastrophic loss of income would do...I gave him my credit card and said...go get some shoes son. And from what you can see....not a minute too soon. S1 RARELY wears sneakers. When the other kids were begging for the newest A*R J*RDANS or another trendy shoe, S1 was wearing these. This year is really the first year I have even seen him wearing jeans. He is one dressy dude. Now he can walk around campus and actually have some traction.


Steph said...

I guess, not a moment too soon.
Try not to stress too much about the lost account. I know, easier said then done. But it sounds to me like you've been making ends meet for quite some time now, thus I doubt you'll be homeless anytime soon. Eating more ramen soup, maybe......
I am curious to see how they let you know. Maybe they'll surprise you with some big 'severance' check~ wishfull thinking?? But still.... sounds shady.

Aurelia said...

Is it possible they'll do it kind of hybrid for awhile?

Like the young doc will enter his stuff directly on his PDA or whatever, and the old docs will get you to enter it, and just write stuff on paper like they do now?

And maybe someday they will eventually do it themselves, but maybe not?

Sitting in Silence said...

Just popped on for an update....Must be so hard for you.

Hope your week egst better.
Love the photo !!

Kristi said...

Ah yes, the credit card. Every American's best friend. You have every right to feel angry about what happened to you. Regardless of the available more cost-effective technology, it's absolutely wrong for them not to provide you with any notice.