Thursday, November 01, 2007

Do I HAVE to post??

I was reading some of my favorites today and was surprised to note that apparently since I have a blog I am required to post every day this month. I was trying to think about what I could possibly have to say that could make up 30 posts but I think I am going to give it a try.

Today's post isn't really going to be poetic or terribly intelligent. I thought I would post a picture and ask for advice. I have lost a couch you have any idea where it might be?

scroll down











I think he ate it. None of us can figure out how this cat became such a porker. He eats very little but on the other hand, the only time he moves is when he waddles from wherever he is sleeping to the next spot where he is going to nap. We have had him since he was a teenie little guy, having brought him home from a lady that was giving kitties away from her shopping cart. Now he is about 6 and he is still afraid of any noise that doesn't emanate from him. The only time he will go near BigD is when we are in bed. He will get up with us and purr so loudly that it is actually funny, he snuggles with the other cat and also the dog, but if BigD gets up, the cat scurries and hides. Watching him run is one of the funniest things I have ever seen..he crouches down so low that his belly slides along the floor. . None of us have every given him any reason to be afraid of us at all. When the house is quiet he loves us and especially loves his brother animals. My question to you is what in the heck can we do to help him lose weight? The obvious answer is to feed him less but he eats very little as it is now. Our other cat is on a special dry Purin* for cats with urinary problems so that is what this one eats too. I have tried feeding them separately with this one getting a low calorie food but they steal each others food so I gave up because I didn't want the other one to go into kidney failure. OH..and on top of all that...his meower is broken. It has never worked. The poor little guy will try and try to make a sound but it is a pathetic little peep of a noise. So help me out...I am counting on you because I don't think Je**y Cr*ig or Wei*ht Watc*ers accepts feline clients.


Sitting in Silence said...

LOL...I actually laughed out loud...that is just the most beautiful fat cat in the world....

Thanks for sharing....

Beagle said...

I could lend you our Jack. He is a fitness program in and of himself. He chases everyone around until he's tired, which takes a while. Our two girls are pretty slim. I need Jack to chase me around, come to think of it.

Cute picture!

PCOSMama said...

I swear our cats must be related. Same fluffy look, light color, huge size! Nothing has ever worked for us when we've tried to get our cats to lose weight. We only feed them once a day and everyone (we have 4) gets the amount recommended for dieting. Yet noone loses weight. Granted, only 2 are overweight now - we lost our old cat (had to be put to sleep) and have acquired 2 kittens in the meantime. Well, almost kittens, they are between 1 and 2 years old. They are small, but the other 2 are quite fat! Even having the kittens chase the fatties around the house hasn't helped. I just don't think a diet/exercise plan works for cats! They aren't like dogs, you can't take them on extra walks and such.

Good luck with the couch cushion... maybe if you just train the cat to lay in the empty space on the couch you won't notice it's missing. ;)

Oh, and I don't post very often at all. I don't think there is any requirement for posting... if so, I blew it long ago!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. We have the SAME cat. Mine is black and white. Otherwise, the SAME. Hysterically he even is from the same area; I got him in Canton 5 1/2 years ago. At that time he was a tiny barely 1 lb'er.

Mine is scared of everything and everyone but me. He sometimes will try to sit on my lap when I'm in my computer chair but saves all other contact from when I'm safely laying down.

Not only does he run with his belly at the floor, it goes THUD, Thunk, THUD, Thunk through the house. He only runs if he hears food.

His belly is so large his spine curves down.

My vet put him on a diet a year ago; he gained 2 lbs. My other two cats are petite and one needs special food for his belly and I can't feed separately. The other two like bits of people food; this one doesn't touch it.

I even put him on an "exercise program" and believe me that went over like lead.

When we went, in great mortification, to the vet this year the vet told me that some cats are impossible to get to lose the weight.

I find it hilarious that the cat weighs 1/3rd of the Labrador retriever.

Colette said...

That cracked me up! I think I will do this for next month...just remind me! LOL I like the posting everyday thing! I will check my blog to see if I have done a post a day maybe I can start this month instead! Hugs

Stephanie said...

oh that is the funniest and fatest cat I have ever seen! maybe you could tie him to the treadmill...not sure if that would work for a cat, but i have seen dogs do it. Does he chase anything, like a cat nip filled mouse?

Wait Another Year said...

That is one of the fattest cats I have ever seen. What a spoiled, happy cat!