Monday, October 08, 2007


Hi All...I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all your nice really is funny how people that I only know from blogworld can make me feel better.

S1 is fine. He had a very eye opening experience and at this point swears that it won't happen again. He was very humilated and humbled by his behavior and the consequences that followed. Lets hope he still feels that way 6 months from now.

We did find out a few more details than we originally knew (from people that witnessed the event) and it involved large amounts of vomit, nakedness (after an attempt at a sobering up shower-towels were lost between the bathroom and dorm room and a female security personnel got an eye full..S1 is mortified :) His blood alcohol content was higher than we originally heard and wasn't even drawn till he had been done drinking for 3 hours..UGH. He still doesn't remember much, friends have been filling in the details and each detail that is added is like salt in a wound to him so I have hopes that he got this out of his system early in his college days and can now concentrate on getting a great education so he can become very well employed and set me up in a great retirement!

I have always been very open and honest with my boys...I just hope he never asks me if I ever did that in college...sometimes a mom has to lie ;)

I also just had to post this photo..this dog really has it made. What you can't tell in the photo is that the cat is kneading his back..the darn dog was getting a massage and this whole thing lasted at least 10 minutes...whoever said dogs and cats are enemies, has never been to our house..(OH, and yes I know this cat is massively obese, so don't scold me. We have NO idea why he is so fat, he doesn't eat any more than our other normal sized one!)


PCOSMama said...

Sounds like s2 is appropriately mortified - hope the lesson sticks with him!

BTW, that could totally be my cat. He's a cream colored tabby cat (looks like yours might be too?) and we have no idea how it happened but he weighs at least 18 pounds (at last check). He's huge. We call him Fatty-Pitatty. I know, we're cruel, but seriously when you say it with affection does it really matter?
It's really funny when he plays with our kitten, whom he outweighs by about 12 pounds. Sometimes we'll look over at them wrestling and Fatty is sitting on the kitten (who seems to enjoy it!).

DD said...

But have you SEEN the other cat lately? Maybe that one ate it?

I'm just glad to hear that you son is OK, minus a little humility and a loss of the male-mystique (nakedness can do that to you - so I've heard).

Rob & Tina said...

OMG. That is the biggest cat I've ever seen. They almost look like they are the same size!

Colette said...

I am sorry about what happened! It is always eye opening! Love the picture! Hugs to you!

Colette said...

I am sorry about what happened! It is always eye opening! Love the picture! Hugs to you!

Jenna said...

oh jeez! I'm so glad he's okay. Wow, do I remember the humilation S1 is feeling. Not a good time.

And really? That's a cat? I had to look twice. I thought it was 2 dogs!

Thomas said...

Found you via Dr A's blog. Appreciated the post about school safety.

I teach and we take safety so seriously that I can't believe other districts/places don't.

S1 will learn more from his humiliation than you expect.
Be glad it was a lesson learned not a disaster.


hope548 said...

Glad to hear your son is ok and humbled! That's a great photo. I also have a fat cat. She's very petite otherwise - petite feet, head, tail, and then a huge ass. We don't overfeed her and our other cat is quite normal. Our fat cat would never be nice enough to massage our dog or any of us for that matter!
Have a good weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Embarrassment is always good in this case. What a great pic.