Sunday, July 22, 2007

fun times

If you are ever invited to a wedding here~ please go. It is a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. But, I want to warn you, don't park under this tree-

or, when you are ready to leave, your car may look like this~

A very large limb came down upon my poor car while we were celebrating with the new bride and groom. (I was going to post a photo I took of the limb lying in front of my car but my license plate was too obvious for web posting-sorry). The photo really doesn't show the damage. there are several HUGE dents in the hood and also on the roof. It missed my sunroof by a couple inches. I am just hoping that the owner of the property is decent enough to pay the repair. This tree should have been taken down long ago by looking at the condition it is in now. Because of the wedding, I had my camera with me and loaded it up with photos to show the owner on Monday.

This place is amazing. It is in the middle of nowhere typically about an hour from our home. If you have a minute, look it up if you are wanting a beautiful spot for a night or two (anniversary, birthday, romantic get-away) I bet it is beautiful in the autumn. Although,,,,,if the owner turns out to be an unfriendly butt head, I will let you know and will start an online castle haters club.

Last night on the way home I wished I had a computer in my brain so I could blog what I was thinking. Big D took a wrong turn and we ended up about 2 hours from home before he would admit he didn't know where he went wrong. We have been married 26 years and I can honestly count on one hand the number of times he has ADMITTED he was wrong about anything. Now, I am not saying he is never wrong, he is fairly frequently, he just WILL NOT admit it. When we were first married his mom told me that even as a young child he did not take criticism well...yeah, no shit. The hilarious part of last night is that the further we went in the wrong direction the more pissed he got and I sat there not saying a word. Finally he turned to me and said "quit being so mean". I busted out laughing...I had not said one negative word or one word at all for that matter. I have no room to talk. I can't tell you east and west unless the sun is rising or setting...but I ADMIT IT and have no shame. I am fabulous at many things, marco poloing isn't one of them.

Hope you had a good weekend.


steph said...

That's funny!!! Your poor car! I bet that didn't help anything. He was probably side tracked thinking about insurance funds and such!

PCOSMama said...

Sorry about your car! Hope it all works out!

BTW, that place is gorgeous!

Beagle said...

What a bummer about your car! It really is a nice setting though.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

That sucks about your car. That is a pretty place for a wedding.